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Week 1 (7-14 years) Sunday June 25 -  Saturday July 1, 2023  ---------------  $695

Week 2 (7-14 years) Sunday July 2    -  Saturday July 8, 2023  ---------------  $695

Week 3 (8-14 years) Sunday July 9    -  Saturday July 15, 2023 --------------- $695

Week 4 (8-14 years) Sunday July 16  -  Saturday July 22, 2023  ---------------$695

Week 5 (8-14 years) Sunday July 23  -  Tuesday August 1, 2023 (10 days) --- $1,095
Every week is available for Junior Counselors (ages 14-16), and Volunteers (age 17). Some restrictions apply.

As of now, our sanitary restrictions have been lifted. Our camps have been extended to end on Saturday noon instead of Friday evening. This will benefit all campers, as they get to spend an extra night with their friends.


$695 - regular week program
$1,095 - 10-day program

This price includes housing, meals and organized program.


The cost of the camp for a second child (and each subsequent child) from the same family is $620 for regular week program and $995 for 10-day program. This discount applies for junior counselors as well. It does not apply to volunteers.



Parents/guardians provide transportation for their child(ren) to and from Camp Vista. Address for GPS, pick-up/drop-off times and more information will be provided after child's registration.


If parents are to not send their children to camp due to financial reasons, please write to us. We too wish that your children have a magical childhood. Upon review, we might offer scholarships that cover the cost of attending our summer program (recent tax return documents may be requested).


Insurance is not included in the cost of summer camp. For children who do not have an active insurance plan that is valid in the state of Wisconsin, we recommend purchasing insurance in the case of accidents, cancellation of reservation, lost luggage, and other unpredictable situations.

Camp Vista recommends purchasing TRAVEL INSURED or TRAVEL GUARD insurance. The price of this type of insurance is about $35. The suggested insurance covers medical costs related to illness, accidental injuries, as well as costs associated with resignation from the trip. The application for Travel Insured insurance can be found at or by calling


We are not responsible for assisting with any insurance needs if an unpredictable occurrence is encountered during the trip.


It is possible to cancel your reservation for our summer program and receive a refund. In this situation, the amount returned by Camp Vista depends on the following circumstances:

  • Cancellation 30+ days before departure: amount paid minus $100 deposit is refunded

  • Cancellation 29-14 days before departure: 50% of total price is refunded

  • Cancellation less than 14 days before departure: no refund will be issued



1. For all potential campers who were:

- on the WAIT LIST in 2022 


- moved their deposit to Summer 2023 

an email will be sent by February 4th, 2023, with registration instructions.  If you do not receive this e-mail, please contact us.

2. General Registration for campers and junior counselors will be open:

February 13 - May 15, 2023


To register please print, fill out and send registration form through the regular mail (or other type of mail if you want to have proof of delivery) along with the deposit of $100 or full payment to Camp Vista.  For General Registration we have MAIL-IN RESERVATIONS ONLY.
If you live near Camp Vista, you might bring the registration documents directly to the Vista Office between Feb 13 and May 15, 2023.
We do not take phone or e-mail reservations, and any option to make reservation outside of Camp Vista is unavailable.

3. Due to high demand and limited space, we can allow participants to sign up for ONE WEEK only.

4. Printable useful documents (available on April 15):

- Packing List - things we suggest bringing for summer camp 

- COVID and Other Communicable Diseases Health Screening - please bring at check in.

5. We strongly encourage not to hesitate in making a reservation. We do

have limited space, and we honor a strict rule do not accept more campers than we are prepared to supervise. The payment in full should be sent to us no later than 30 days before departure date. Children can be signed up for one week only. We reserve the right to refuse admission to our program due to availability, late submission, improper behavior of participant in the past, and other reasons including those that come up after reviewing registration forms.



Organizers reserve the right to alter the program discussed on our website or any other publications related to Camp Vista.

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