Build in 1972


After Chapel Fire - 10-24-2018

Help us rise from the ashes

For over half of the century, Camp Vista has been recognized by youth and families as an unusual place - a holy place - where they discover the beauty of God’s creation and implement Christian values which "assist" them

whenever they go.  Today, these values are more important than ever.   
In fall 2018, our Chapel – the heart of the camp – was lost due to fire.

 With some funds received from various sources needed for building the new chapel,  we started reconstruction 
on March 13, 2020. Now when we are 85% done we are in need of more financial support
as we are in final stage of construction.  
Thank you for joining us in prayer, and for your possible financial support. 

Present Construction
as of June 9, 2021


Construction to be completed by October 2021
(depending on funds)