Every year we offer the participation in our summer camp program, which we host in our scenic campground, Camp Vista, located about 140 miles outside of Chicago. Our week-long program includes; team games such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, as well as swimming in the lake, paddle boating, kayaking, canoeing, archery, BB guns, music nights, Bible studies (Holy Mass offered on some weeks), dancing, talent show, arts & crafts, bonfires, movies, and other attractions. Just like last year, introduction to sports aviation will be every week.


... Why Camp Vista ...

1. The vastness of our resort - Camp Vista spans over 200 acres, and is perfectly adapted for the relaxation of youth and adult visitors.


2. On-site access to Cedar Lake - Our beautiful and naturally sprung lake is surrounded by forest, and our beach has kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats for use.


3. Comfortable housing – Air conditioned and heated cabins with bathrooms, toilets, and showers.


4. Unique leadership – Our counselors are fully capable of and responsible for attractively implementing and leading our summer programs.


5. Safety measures - We have at least 3 licensed lifeguards on the beach during our summer program. We do not have a full-time nurse at the moment. However, we have at least three individuals who are First Aid and CPR certified by Red Cross. The nearest clinic is 15 minutes away, and hospital is about 30 minutes by car.


6. Experienced organization – Mr. Andrew Fidziukiewicz carefully supervises the summer Kolonie at Camp Vista, which he started in the United States. He previously organized many pilgrimages, hiking camps and ski trips. He initiated Kolonie for youth with interesting programs, which were supported by Polonia parishes and Polish schools.  Andrew is a teacher who is passionate about creating programs that promote Christian values.


7. Special guests – During some of our Kolonie weeks, we are blessed with the presence of a Catholic priest on our campground.


8. Magical childhood - Many children today are distracted by screens which take away from time they would otherwise spend outside or making new friends. At Camp Vista, your child will have the opportunity to connect with other campers his or her age, as well as make memories that they will look back and smile upon.


9. Beautiful weather – Wisconsin summers are usually milder and much more pleasant than the hot Illinois sun.


10. Great price! – We always try, despite increasing costs, to make our camp attractive yet affordable. Cost for the second child (and every following child) of the same family is discounted. (Costs are subject to change).


All information will be communicated through email, which will be the main source of information about Kolonie. We ask that parents’ email be printed legibly on the registration form.

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