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Every year, we offer an opportunity to participate in our summer camp program. Our program is hosted at our scenic campground, Camp Vista, located about 140 miles north of Chicago. Our week-long program includes, but is not limited to; team games such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, swimming in the lake, paddle boating, kayaking, canoeing, archery, BB guns, music/dancing evenings, talent show, arts & crafts, bonfires, movies and other attractions.

We learn about wildlife while walking on our private trails, and on our airstrip facilities we are introduced to basic aviation.


On the background of these recreational and educational activities, we also participate in daily prayer, Bible study and Leadership Hours. There is also Holy Cross Adoration available for All Christian Groups, which happens at the Little Adoration Chapel. For Christian Catholics, Holy Mass might be offered depending on priest availability.

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