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For youth who previously participated in Kolonie as campers, we offer an option to return to camp as a junior counselor (JC). By signing up for this position, the individual volunteers his/her time to assist in running some Kolonie program activities. Camp Vista creates an opportunity for these individuals to develop character traits such as: conscientiousness, precision, hard work, honesty, friendship, service to others, etc. Often it is serving others in a camp setting that begins the discovery and development of individuals’ talents (sports, music, poetry, arts & crafts, dancing, etc.).

These individuals can also participate in this program by assisting their group leader. They will be taking part in activities such as preparing and running activities for younger campers, helping in the kitchen, clearing out the forest, etc.

Junior counselors have a limited participation in the Kolonie program; however, they have additional evening meetings and get-togethers at which they discuss topics relevant to life at camp.

Cost: $550 / week

Housing is in a cabin with fellow participants and a group leader, or in a group of junior counselors and volunteers.



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Volunteers have similar duties to junior counselors, with higher expectations.    Cost: $150/week

Housing is in a cabin with fellow participants and a group leader, or in a group of junior counselors and volunteers.

LEADER - 18+ 
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A leader performs the responsibilities of supervising a group of Kolonie participants. Most often it is an individual who participated in Kolonie as a camper, JC, and volunteer and now wants to lead a group using his or her past experiences at camp. We want to remind applicants that sending in an application does not guarantee being chosen for the position in a given year. Final selection decisions are usually confirmed in late March/early April.

This is a paid position. Counselors receive their financial stipend at the end of their term at Camp Vista.

Housing is in a cabin with group of around 10 campers.


1. Podczas kolonii, opisane powyżej funkcje i programy mogą być
modyfikowane w zależności od potrzeb lub innych okoliczności
2. Zastrzegamy prawo nieprzyjęcia zgłoszenia na w/w programy z powodu braku miejsc, późnego zgłoszenia, z powodu niewłaściwego zachowania uczestnika w latach ubiegłych lub z innych powodów
wynikających z treści przesłanego formularza rejestracyjnego

3. Dla JC i woluntariuszy  wystawiamy  service hours letter (15 godzin/tydzień) wymagany w niektórych szkołach

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